Operations Coordinator at ADB, Manila, Philippines

Deadline: 24 May 2019

Asian Development Bank (ADB) is currently seeking applications from eligible applicants for the post of Operations Coordinator in Manila, Philippines. The duration of this post is 3 years.

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The Operations Coordinator provides direct support to Private Sector Operations Department (PSOD)’s Investment Committee Secretariat, i.e. administrative and logistical support, scheduling and coordination, records management and archiving of documents.

The ADB aims for an Asia and Pacific free from poverty.

Key Jobs Responsibilities

The Operations Coordinator will perform the following functions-

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  • PSOD Investment Committee Secretariat
    • Draft and generate project-specific documents to be transmitted to Investment Committee (IC) members composed of ADB Senior Management.
    • Plan and organize IC related meetings.
    • Assist project teams in circulating documentation for submission.
    • Respond to queries related to business process for non-sovereign operations.
  • Statistical, Analytical, and Coordination Support Services
    • Update and maintain the project processing schedule.
    • Provide statistics and generates periodic/special reports as needed.
    • Prepare presentations and documents, as required, based on information contained in the project processing schedule.
    • Assist in scheduling of projects undergoing various stages of the credit approval process and all other related tasks.
    • Check project documentation and assists in preparing and circulating appropriate documentation to relevant recipients.
    • Assist in inputting requested dates for concept review, final review, and Board approval.
    • Undertake and/or contribute to the enhancement and implementation of systems and procedures, and administration of computer application systems to ensure that PSOD’s requirements are met.
    • Coordinate and perform testing and implementation of new systems and required versions to existing system to facilitate PSOD’s processing, monitoring and reporting requirements.
    • Provide support related to ad hoc assignments and new initiatives as required.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must have-

  • At least 5 years of relevant experience preferably with experience in private sector operations
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of operational processes and procedures applicable to the various stages of private sector projects life cycle.
  • Ability to undertake background research and analysis on difficult but well-defined tasks, collect and organize required data and information, apply appropriate computer skills in analyzing and developing the data; and prepare notes, papers and sections of reports.
  • Good analytical thinking with ability to make simple causal links, pro-and-con lists and analyses to reach a decision; and set priorities for tasks in order of importance.
  • Ability to organize and present data and information in a logical manner that lends itself to easy written and/or oral presentation, including only the level of detail appropriate to the intended purpose, scope and user of the information.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with teams as a constructive team member.
  • Ability to work with individuals from different cultural/national backgrounds.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills in English.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit their applications through online process.

For more information, please visit ADB.

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